2019 Guatemala mission

March 8-16, 2019. San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala

Hospital Obras Sociales de Monsignor Gregorio Schaffer

In 3 weeks, I am returning to Guatemala for another Foot and Ankle Surgery Mission. It’s hard to believe but this will be my 9th mission trip. These experiences annually change my life and shape perspective of how I see the world - how blessed we all are with what we have. This has taught me about valuing our time together and about happiness across cultures but also in my own heart. In turning around a child’s clubfoot, we turn around their life. It is rewarding for me on so many levels and I’m just thankful and blessed just to be able to do it. In our complicated world, this is just right in every way. This year’s trip will be extra special for me as I get to combine passions of my career, humanitarian impact and travel with a girl I’m also so passionate about, Maggee Sagebiel, who is an ICU nurse.

Last year, our team performed 51 surgeries in 5 OR days. Many of these were “big surgeries” in young children and neglected congenital deformities in adults. Many of the patients we treat have clubfoot or other foot/ankle disabilities associated with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, etc. The need here is certainly greater than the impact we can have but we do our best to treat as many as possible. We have a veteran team and excellent follow-up care with communication once we leave. I am most looking forward to seeing our post-op patients from last year – some who will be walking for the first time. I’ll do my best to share the experience with you. Facebook has been a great platform to do this.

Facebook has also been huge in fundraising. Without your donations, these trips (and what we can do once we are there) literally would not be possible. I learn more about it each year too. One year, I started a GoFundMe page but then I learned they take an 8% cut of of the donations. This year, I again ask that if you can support our efforts, you send donations to me directly so I can promise you that 100% of each cent goes toward patient care (medications, anesthesia, dressing supplies, x-rays, crutches, braces, hospitalization, etc.). The doctors, nurses, staff etc. all pay their own travel, lodging, food, etc. expenses.

You can PayPal (send via friends or family to avoid charges) a donation to me at carlkihm@gmail.com or message me directly if you’d like to send a check. I will record all donations made (updated once daily) on my website at: http://www.dockihm.com/19guat. I’ll also post photos and updates during and after the mission (March 8-16).


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